Actual day videography styles

Tying the knot is a very special moment. Such a special event is something that we would love to replay again and again just to relive in those beautiful moments. It used to be just a mere dream. Once the day was over you can only revisit the memories by looking at the photographs captured. But, we the advancement of technology we are able to capture the whole day in a video. This is one of the best ways to preserve your wedding day memories and moments. Many couples opt for this option alongside the wedding photography. But, one thing that you need to know is that there are different styles in which these videos can be captured and edited into. We are here to help you figure out which style suits you the best.


This is probably the most famous wedding videography style. It is the most simplest way to capture your wedding into a video. The actual day videographer will only have to record the events as they are. There will be very limited edits, filters and so. It would be like a raw, natural, undisguised documentary. This is perfect for the couples who opt for simplicity. Such a videography will contain all the memories uncut and in its natural form. It would be like visiting your day through time capsule. There will be certain edits here and there that is only to get everything in order and polish the whole video by removing the unnecessary parts. Apart from that it is as simple as it can be.


This is for all the movie geeks out there. If you are a couple who are into the dramatic mode then this is the way to go. This will be similar to the journalistic style but with much more edits, drama, special effects and so. Now, to get your wedding videography done in this style you will have to hire a more sophisticated videographer with advanced knowledge on this field.


This is a wedding videography style that unveils your story. If you are a couple with a super romantic and a loving story, share it using this style. You can add some background music, a narrator, testimonials and so. But, you will have to go through some thorough discussions with your videographer in order to get this done. These are just a few styles of wedding videography that are popular. There is always the option of customizing it to suit your own style. Making your videography match your preference and style can be done by simply letting your videographer know all the details.


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