Awesome things to try out in Bali

Adorned in paddy fields and the local arts and crafts, Bali is a beautifully magical land that is home to a serene and peace loving people. Their warm and friendly smiles will in itself make for a truly refreshing holidaying experience. When you think of Bali and what you can do there while you are on holiday, you will immediately realize that there is just so much to choose from. It can be really hard to narrow it down to the top ten in your list of must see sights. Here are some of the most cool and awesome experiences that you simply must be a part of if you are travelling in Bali.

Yoga among the paddy fields in the morning sun

Bali is known all over the world for its amazing depth of yoga, an art that helps you stay calm and grounded and paves the way for a healthy and fit life at the same time. The best ubud hotel options always give you a chance to experience this fine art of meditation and control straight from the accommodation. Wake up early in the morning to meet your assigned guru and take on any yoga pose overlooking the golden morning sun kissed paddy fields and natural beauty. Anything that you want to do from that point onwards will just be beautiful.

Go to Gunung Kawi at Tampaksiring

Step off the main roads in Ubud and take a winding set of steps all the way passing vendors with loads of beautifully coloured clothing and carved items to a temple that is hidden away almost, by the water. You will be able to see some of the spectacular rice terraces and even an 11th century temple that spans along the Pakerisan River. If there was ever a single spot that could capture the real essence of beautiful Bali, this is it. It is spiritual and peace and yet bustling with activity somehow and also makes for some out of this world photographs. You have really easy access to the temple but be sure to buy a sarong that you can drape before you walk into the temple.

Sample the local cuisine like the locals

They say that when you are on holiday in a land that is foreign to you, you must always follow the locals. They know where the best eateries are. Of course you can get all your meals from your hotel which will be really convenient, but if you feel puckish while you are out and about, it is good to be able to sample the local cuisine, local style right? Most of these food joints will serve you up a batch of pure deliciousness that is really cheap and also mostly accommodates all of your dietary requirements, so you can easily treat yourself to anything you like at these little eating places.


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