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Birthday Surprises for Her

It’s that time of the year again where you need to brainstorm and make an extra effort to surprise your lady on her birthday. Buying a gift can be harder than you think since you need to pay attention to her needs, what she has been hinting for the past few weeks and the standard of gift she is expecting from you. If you score well, great! If not, you are in for a scare. So if you’ve been trying to figure out what to get her, here are some creative and fun ideas to surprise her.

  1. Make a handmade card

Women have realized that men are usually bad at card-making. So why not surprise her by actually putting the time to make one? Rather than grabbing one from the store, she will delighted to see the amount of time and effort you’ve put into the card. It might not be perfect or pretty, but she will appreciate the thought. You need to plan out the message you want to deliver. Being funny or witty can be great to add a simple laugh while she reads through. However, if you are already funny in nature, why not try being romantic or poetic for a change? That will really surprise her. Think how long your message should be, design the card, and make sure you have enough space to write it and then start. If you need some ideas, there are many sites to help you out.

  • Get sentimental

Her birthday is a day just for her, so if you were planning on getting away by getting a valentine chocolate gift Singapore, you are not doing her justice. So you need to put some thought to it. Making a scrap book adding special photographs and sentiments such as the movie tickets of your first date, the receipt at the restaurant you first kissed might hit her sweet spot just right. There are many easy-to-use scrapbook apps available now. If you can spend more money, go for jewellery. A custom made bracelet with charms that say your names and important dates such as your wedding, birth of children etc. will be extremely valuable to her.

  • Plan a weekend getaway

Taking a vacation anytime of the year is always exciting. So plan a weekend away from all the chores, office work and kids so that you two can enjoy some alone time together. Pay close attention to her plans so that you don’t end up booking the trip for the weekend that she has an important business conference to attend. You can even set up a getaway with her girlfriends so preplan with them and send her away for a fun girls’ weekend.


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