Boost your employee morale for a better outcome

Employee morale is everything when it comes to a company’s efficiency and performance. Be it a manufacturing company or a service company, in this era human touch has become so important that all artificial intelligence is created to mimic humans.

More than just a “job”

The best way for a company to reap the most benefits out of their human resources is to make them feel that they are doing more than a job. If they have the idea of coming at eight and leaving at five, after just barely doing what they came for, it is not easy to encourage them to give their hundred percent to work. Best solution for this is to communicate to them that what they do is very important; it is not just the factory workers, sales and marketing staff or management that is doing a significant portion of work. Similar to a necklace unable to being made without each piece, each and every employee is contributing strongly and without it, it is able to fulfill the goals of an organization.

Employee welfare

Apart from the job they are doing, employees expect a sort of welfare for them from the organization they work for. It is not sufficient to provide medical insurance or simply present a bonus; employee welfare encompasses a lot more than that. Aid for higher education, help with family matters such as having a day care centre at office premises and paternity leave etc. are some examples. Apart from these, some fun activities like an annual family trip or a get-together will also be appreciated and remembered. If it is too much of a hassle to organize it all, a corporate family day event company Singapore can help you with shaping it out; however you need to communicate to them the nature of event, purpose of it and how you want to use this to boost employee morale as well as promote the company within the employees.

Celebrate accomplishments

A recent study done in the Silicon Valley of USA has found out that money comes in the fourth place when it comes to boosting employee morale. They appreciate being recognized and awarded for what they do. Whilst a study done at such a place cannot and shouldn’t be taken as a true representative sample of the whole world, it is time to pay attention to not only monetarily rewarding people but also considering their other wants and needs, which seem to escalate more towards the non-monetary or quantitative gains and more for qualitative improvements. A company has the sole final objective of earning a profit; although it is not the only thing that must be done, profit does play amajorrole in continuity of the business. Therefore investments must be made in order to raise that outcome higher.


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