Important Tips in Organizing A Company Party

After weeks of hard work and strenuous decision making, everyone needs a break to rejuvenate the mind. Surely most employees wait for ‘that time of the year’ to get relaxed and enjoy with other colleges. This can be a Christmas party, a year end party, Halloween party or even an awarding ceremony with celebration. Few of the tips listed out here can help you make the important decisions and finalize beforehand without waiting till it gets done last minute.

Purpose and Date

Firstly, identify the purpose of the party which can be a holiday season celebration or a company event. once it is chosen, you can then decide the date and the venue for the day. Since most weekdays are pretty tight scheduled for everyone, it will be much better to go for a Thursday or a Friday night for the party celebration. You can also try to send around a common email around the employees asking for a comfortable date for them and pick the highest voted one. If you are going for a venue outside, make sure you book it in advance since Thursdays and Fridays seams to be the peak of most places.


The most important thing about organizing is getting the budget needs sorted out to make it all a reality. Have a check with the financial team or the boss to get initial permission on the budget and get quotas for the estimated costs.  Once you have the quotas in hand, sort out the budget in your excel sheet to show which budget is the best choice depending on food and beverages, entertainment, presents, venue costs and other costs involved with the event. once the boss is okay with it, yay its good to go and make things happen.

Entertainment Activities

These company parties are events that fuels up employees to entertain themselves and network with other employees from various departments. You can also bring a famous band or a singer to light up the night with some new albums. Having games such as best dress of the night, best dancer of the night and more interactive games can give a good buzz to the party and let the employees truly enjoy the night away. Don’t forget that good memories always lie in nicely captured photos and gifts. You can have Inc captures for photobooth arrangements and Singapore corporate gift suppliersuggestionsfor presents for the employees.

Awards and Appreciation

Appreciation gets in a long way when done right. You can have a discussion with the heads of departments and see if there can be any awards given for the most outstanding employee, the most creative employee and other awards to get the best out of employees in the upcoming months. If you are planning to do this, get the awards designed and the awardees listed out with approval. Furthermore, the boss can give a nicely crafted speech to the employees on behalf of their hard work and to truly appreciate it.

Hope these tips are helpful to organize a glamorous company party and give the much-needed break for your hardworking team. Its time to look back and celebrate the milestones and achievements you all reached as a team.


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