Nothing but the best on your special day

Come to think of it, weddings do finally boil down to the photos don’t they?

This is all the more reason we should pay more attention to the detailing of the photos taken on that exact day and be mindful of all the bit and bobs of things that help put the shoot together.

In the event you are that unfortunate person that is assigned to make sure this particular part of the wedding goes down without a hitch, here is a little heads up that will help you keep it all together, throughout.

  • First things first, there is a long day ahead of you so it is important for you to have a good night’s sleep the day before. Trust me sleep does a lot more than you actually give it credit for. For first hand and raw feedback talk to a mom with a new born, she can tell you the miracle of a good night’s sleep.
  • Have a check list of your own and monitor it and tick off the boxes in to the leading to the wedding. This way you will have a document you can refer to, when you need to see what else needs to be done or if there is any additions that need to be included into the itinerary.
  • On the actual day keep a point guard stationed with both the bride and the groom in order to make sure they are where they should be as per your schedule, throughout the day, this way you will have the option of communicating any developments to them and being notified of any concerned from their end.
  • Wedding photography packages are made to fit your budget and your special requests, make sure that you have a list of special requests from the couple, such as a specific pose they want to include into the album. Also make a mental note to make sure that all family photos take place without anything rattling the vibe of the happy occasion.
  • Have a quick run through with the photography team to ensure that all details are communicated correctly and to not miss out any special props or accessories you might need in order to shoot in a specific location. This way you will save yourself a lot of time and effort.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and make sure to charge your phone the night before. Because both those feet and you phone are in for a hell of a day tomorrow.

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