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Reasons Why Marquee Venues are Becoming Popular

A marquee is like a huge tent that is used as a venue for special events. It can be placed anywhere you want as long as there is enough space to be covered. They are becoming popular nowadays because of their flexibility in style and decoration. You can also give your guests a breathtaking view while enjoying the party inside.

Common Types of Marquees

The traditional classic design is timeless and appealing to customers who want to have a vintage feel to their event. It is held in place by ropes and posts and can cover wide spaces. Even though it looks a little bit old-fashioned, you can surely customize the inner decorations according to your party’s theme.

In framed marquees, an outer framing holds its shape. It has no inner posts which make it more spacious than the traditional one. This type can be placed even on uneven surfaces such as grass and gravel. The trapeze is the most stylish looking among all other types. The foundation is held by tension rods which add flair to its look. It is also very wind resistant so it’s best to use them even on open, airy spaces.

The Chinese hat marquee really looks like a traditional Chinese hat. This type is smaller and stands only on 4 poles. It doesn’t have sides so typically, it’s just like a roofed area. Most people use this type as the entrance to a larger venue. Others use it as a buffet or bar area. The Stretch tent is commonly used on fairs and festivals as it is strong and versatile on any weather condition.

Why Should I Choose a Marquee Venue?

Modern event hosts use them due to their convenience. If you don’t have enough space in your home to cater guests, you can take the party somewhere by using a marquee. You can choose from different styles and sizes that fit your party needs. There are many reasons why people do marquees hire. There are lots of scenic field marquee sites that will surely amaze your guests. You can take the party near the coast, on a field, in a garden, and many more. All of them are like blank canvasses waiting to be decorated. It’s all up to you on how you want the venue to look like depending on your theme. Your guests can enjoy the outside scenery while being comfortable inside the venue. These venues can hold a number of guests due to its open and unrestricted foundation. You are also free to bring in decorators for your venue and choose the catering service that fits your budget. Finally, renting a marquee for your event is the best choice if you want an outdoor party. They are durable and can resist strong winds, rain or heat. Rain or shine, your event goes on.

Don’t get stressed if you’re running out of conventional venues for your event. Rent one now and enjoy your one of a kind venue.

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