Rewind you memories and play – it’s worth it

You know what’s so special in photos? It has memories in it, so that you can cherish them over time. You can look at them and be in that moment again. But what if this option comes up with motion? Isn’t that even more cherish able? Yes, that why you have videos. If you want to cherish it more, all you need is more memories captured at their best, and this requires a talented videographer.

General event videography and corporate videography singapore are two different things, because they have two different flavors that should be addressed.  If that is a personal event, the video should cover all the fun and happy moments with all the guests in it. Call it a birthday party, the videographer has to capture all special moments including how the birthday girl cuts the cake, and how she is excited when others sing happy birthday to her. This is a talent. And, when it comes to corporate videography, it is kind of different, and the video person should capture all important speeches, the cock tail moments as well as all the branding efforts of that particular corporate entity. A talented videographer knows all of this, and is sure to deliver you a superb service. The problem comes, if he does not.

Here are some interesting stuff about a good video guy. These may look funny, but in real, we have such people and we often get cheated by the wrong ones.

The talented one never boasts- instead he shows what he has done

You meet a videographer, and all he does is playing his own trumpet even without listening to your actual requirement, chances are that he is more of a fake one. The fake one generally talks about very big profiles only and how he and his team managed big crisis situations over there. Sometimes, these are not even relevant, but he keeps talking.

The genuinely talented one always listens to you. He is careful about what you want him to do, and also presents what he has done to you to ensure you are satisfied with a job like that.

The talented one always is kind and accommodative

As mentioned earlier, the talented videographers do have time for their clients, and an open ear as well. He is highly concerned about your budgetary constraints, and is flexible all the time. But the wrong one will keep on talking about the smartness of his team, their average charge hourly and the prices of the highly technical camera equipment that they have in house and all the reasons why the charge is high.

Trust your instincts – go for the best.


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