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Steps for Bridal Beauty Preparation

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding since childhood. Now that you are finally getting married, you of course need everything to be as perfect as you pictured it. You’ve set the date, booked the venue, got the dress and your wedding planner is taking care of all other things so you’ve got nothing to worry.

However, have you prepared yourself for the wedding? Many brides get so caught up in wedding preparation that they completely forget about their health and beauty and end up with pimples, dark circles and blemishes on the wedding day. You don’t need that do you? So here are some things to do.

  1. Face

Your face will obviously be the main highlight so it needs to look flawless and glowing. It is advisable to go meet a dermatologist if you have any sin condition, at least six months before the wedding. He will be able to prescribe tropical creams and gels to get rid of those acne and dark circles. With all the running around with wedding preparations, you are sure to expose your skin to a lot of dust and dirt. Hence, you need to go for a deep pore cleansing facial Singapore, to clean out your pores and keep it smooth. Be very careful when going for skin tanning. Do not take any facials or tanning appointments with just a few days for the wedding since if any allergies or problem pops up, you need ample time to recover from it. The best ingredient for flawless skin is water. Drink plenty during the whole process so that your skin is radiant and not dry and dull.

  • Hair

Those bridal locks need to look stunning and shining on the wedding day. All that straightening, blow drying and colouring has done enough damage to your hair and has caused split ends and wispies, so now you need to revitalize. Experts recommend a diet filled with Vitamin B since it can replace the natural shine your hair deserves. Foods like fish, nuts, and eggs are some of the best options. A relaxing scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment about 4 weeks prior to the event will stimulate the hair follicles and add body. Be mindful on the haircuts you take, since one wrong snip of the scissor will end your dream of having those long locks you love.

  • Body

Well if you want to fit into that slim-fit dress, you have to start working for it. Daily exercise or yoga will bring you to that hourglass shape you adore. A multivitamin will help with digestive issues, sleeping problems etc. Eat a balanced diet and stay away from fast food, fried chips, sugary items and excess salt. Remember that a minute on the lips will be a lifetime on the hips.


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