The Nitty Gritty Details: Marriage Edition

Your big day is fast approaching – a few weeks before the ceremony – before the day you stand up in front of family and friends and vow commitment to each other. By this time, you have most probably arranged for everything and are worrying about what you have forgotten. There may even be things that you wish you could do, but you are not sure how to do them and if they should be done. Read below for a few of these details that you may have missed and that you may consider incorporating into your ceremony’s agenda.


Fun Activities

One thing that you may have discounted in your preparation is providing your guests with fun and entertaining things to do for the majority of the time. Yes, this is not something that is attended to have fun per se, but it will be nice nevertheless to provide people with some sort of way to make your big day memorable for them as well. One thing you can consider is a wedding photo booth Singapore, which are easy to hire given their popularity with the locality as well as their eternal novelty. This will ensure that your dressed-up guests have a memento to take home, which requires minimal effort and is also quite a new thing to people.


You can also opt to introduce a station where guests can make their own assortment of sweets to take home from the ceremony. This can be kept at every table and used by every guest when they arrive at their tables to sit. This is something that is unexpected, and it gives the guest the choice of choosing what they want to have in their bag of sweets.


Seating Arrangements

You may or may not have thought about this already, but you should probably pay attention to who is seated and where they are seated. Seeing as this event is a family affair, it may be possible that aunts who do not get along or uncles who are engaged in a property dispute get to sit together – and that is not pleasant for anyone involved at all.


It is imperative that you double check with your retailers and suppliers about the dress, suit, bridesmaid dresses etc and jewellery that need to be in your hands before the big day. For this, ask a friend to help out by calling the involved people and reminding them about their promises.


Your big day is something you deserve, and it should go smoothly with as little hiccups as possible. This seemingly mammoth task is accomplishable, if you pay attention to the details.






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