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The Ultimate Guide in Planning an Awesome Stag Party

Stag parties are still in the trend today. This is a party attended by men only to celebrate the last days of the groom being single. Organizing a stag party is usually the responsibility of the best man, aside from that wedding speech he needs to prepare for the wedding day. If you’re that guy, then this guide will surely help you plan the most awesome stag party everyone will enjoy.

Not all men are created the same so it is best to consider the preferences of the groom when planning a stag party. Some reserved men prefer more quiet celebrations like having dinner with all his friends or playing sports with them. Other love more daring activities and would totally do daring and even embarrassing pranks to have fun. The goal of the party is to celebrate the groom before he ties the knot so his preferences must be considered the most.


A stag party isn’t complete without doing stag party pranks. It can range from simple funny acts to extra daring activities. However, make sure that the groom is game enough to try these pranks for his own sanity, safety and enjoyment. Here are some classic prank ideas usually done on stag parties.

  • Get the groom to wear a mermaid tail, a mankini, or any costume that looks unusually funny on him.
  • Kidnap the groom and take him to the venue, just for thrill.
  • Play the abandoned stag prank. After setting the time and date for the party, the meeting time you’ll tell the groom would be hours before the actual rendezvous. The stag will surely wait and think that everyone forgot the big event, feeling abandoned. Show up after a few hours and be sure to make up for everything through an awesome party.


Of course, a stag party isn’t all about pranks. You need to have an itinerary of activities to be done for the duration of the event. There are plenty of activities to choose from, depending on the groom preferences of course.

The strip club is still and will always be one of the activities in every stag party itinerary. Find a great strip club where you and the gang can enjoy a night of hot lap dances and strip shows. Or if you’re doing the party somewhere else, you can hire hot Perth strippers to entertain the whole bunch for the night.

4×4 driving is also a fun activity for the guys. Everyone can enjoy driving on exciting off-road terrains, whether doing stunts or racing. The stag will surely enjoy and remember this adrenaline-pumping experience spent with good friends.

Time and Location

Although stag parties are held for just a day, some think that duration isn’t enough – that’s when stag weekends became a thing. You can hold the event anywhere you want it to be. Just make sure to schedule it at least 2 weeks before the wedding day to give the guys enough preparation time and energy for the big day.

As the best man, you surely know what the groom likes. If you have something in mind that you think the groom would love to do, then that’s the best thing you can place in the itinerary.

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