Things to Do Before Popping the Question

Before you ask your partner to marry you, here are a few things that need to be done:

Know Each Other In And Out

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and it is important that you choose the life partner who makes this journey beautiful. This is because there will be ups and downs and you need to find someone who will stay with you in both good and bad times. This is why you shouldn’t be in a hurry to ask your partner to marry you, instead take things slowly. It is advisable to be with each other at least for a year before you decide on the lifetime commitment. During this period make sure you spend a lot of time with each other by going on dates, that way you will know whether your partner wants to have a future with you or not. Also keep in mind that both of you don’t have to share the love for same things or think alike, it is likely you two could be complete opposites but make sure you two complement each other. For example, you would want to achieve the same kind of things in life because if you have different points of view in everything then the marriage or even the relationship will not last long.

Keep It a Surprise

Once you are sure about the person and want to spend the rest of your life with him/her, then don’t hesitate to tell this to them. However, to make this moment even more special you should keep it as a surprise, this will take a lot of effort but at the end of the day, it will all be worth it. Keeping it a surprise can be really difficult especially if you guys are always together, but try your best to not drop any hints. Most of the people copy the proposal videos from YouTube, although this is nice having something different with your own personal touch will truly make the person feel special. Also make sure you hire someone who does proposal photography to record this moment which you could treasure all your life.

It Has To Be Unique

A marriage proposal doesn’t have to be expensive it has to be unique and touch the person’s heart. We all want different kinds of proposals and you should do something that your partner wants. It could be simple as a dinner by the beach where in middle of the conversation you pop the question. It could even be a fancy one where you get special outfits for both of you and book a table at an expensive restaurant and pop the question in the presence of your friends and family. Whatever you choose make sure it fits your budget and something your partner would love. For instance, if he/she is reserved then it is better to keep it between only both of you. Few things that you cannot miss is the ring, make sure it is of the right size and also have a cake to celebrate the moment.

Lastly, don’t stop being romantic even after you two get married!


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