Things to remember before ordering a customized cake

Cakes plays a huge role in any kind of occasions. Especially at a wedding, birthdays and bridal showers and so on. Certain people prefer having simple and elegant cakes while some prefer customized cakes that fill go with their theme. However, if you are planning on hosting a birthday party or a even a wedding, you will have to order the cake from a baker.

You might have a million of ideas on how you want the cake to be, but you have to make sure what kind of cake you have in mind. One of the first step you need to do before ordering the cake is to speak with the baker and give him the exact idea on how you want the cake to look like and let the baker know your budget as well. Below are some of the tips you need to keep in mind before ordering a cake.

Provide the needful information’s to the baker

You cannot walk into a cake shop in Singaporewithout an idea. So it’s best you always right down what exactly you have in mind. Make sure you meet the baker in person and let them know what you are looking for. You can basically start off with giving them the idea of the theme that you have planned and the details and what kind of flavor you are looking for. One of the main thing you also need to tell your baker is the due date and the number of guests that you will be expecting. Since you do not want to go short of cakes. You can also provide the baker with pictures or any kind of references.

Set a budget for your customized cake

Customized cakes can cost you a bit more than an ordinary cake. Certain bakers will tell you the price online, but you should not fix your budget depending on that. Since these customized cake will be designed especially for you and you have to make sure you speak with your baker and propose a realistic budget. Since a lot of elements will be added to the cake like the garnish, flowers, size of the cake and the style you want.

Make sure the cake is delivered properly

Once you have confirmed the order you have to make sure that they deliver the cake to your doorstep or your venue on time without any delay. Whether you are picking it up or getting it delivered, its always best to let the baker know before head. Since complicated cakes takes a lot of patience to move and takes special care too.


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