Things You Should Do Before Proposing To Your Girlfriend

You may have met your partner in high school or even on your first job. But no matter you met when you know it is time you would get ready to propose. However, this is not something that you can do on the spur of the moment. We know that in the movies guy simply drops onto one knee and proposes.

But in real life, there are some steps that you need to take before you can reach this stage. We know that this would seem less romantic. But we can guarantee that taking these steps would guarantee a ‘ Yes’ from your loved one.

Find The Ring

We know that 916 gold price Singapore may be at an all-time high. But that does not mean you should postpone getting her a ring. That is because no proposal would be complete without a ring. We know that traditionally the guy goes and picks the ring that he thinks she would like the best. But there is no longer a need to suffer like this. That is because with the development of technology everything that you need is available online. Every girl tends to post about the ring she likes on her Pinterest. Therefore all you need to do is get on this site and find the ring. Then you can easily find something that looks like this.

However, if your girlfriend is not the type to post her thoughts online then you would be in a pickle. Then what you can do is ask one of her friends about what she likes. That is because at one point or the other she would have spoken about rings. Then you can recruit one of these friends to help you with ring shopping.

Talk To The Parents

Asking the parents for permission to marry their daughter may seem old school and even anti-feminist to some people. But some girls would hint that they want you to talk to their parents. If that is the case then you definitely have to talk to them. But that does not mean you have to ask for their permission. Don’t act as if your girlfriend is a piece of property. Instead simply let them know that you are planning on proposing. You can even show them the ring that you purchased. Furthermore, if you like you can also ask them to be a part of the proposal.

We understand that proposing to your girlfriend is a big step for you to take. But no matter how stressed out you are make sure to follow the above tips.


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