Ways of increasing employee engagement

Most companies have realized the need to increase employee engagement within the minds of the corporation in order to expect a boost in the levels of motivation. Among the many monetary and non-monetary incentives, the participation of their family members in an interactive and relaxing event has often proven to be highly effective. Read ahead for some tips and tricks to look out for;

Choosing the right people

Generally, the department of corporate social responsibility would take charge in organizing an event for the family members of employees, as they have experience in organizing events and expeditions. But, lately instead of involving departments within the firm, it is considered easier to research and assign the corporate family day event company Singapore, as the first step well ahead of the event.

Event planners would be accountable for safe food catering, appropriate booking of venues, and all materials needed for entertainment purposes that comply with the social responsibility of not disturbing the surrounding in the event of carrying out the occasion.


The next step in organizing a corporate family day is to get a count of the personsplanned to be invited and sending out invitations accordingly. When determining the target audience for this occasion is it important to cater to the different ages who would be attending the event. In the case of inviting kids or spouses, organizing games or relaxing stations for them would create a positive impression on the firm in the area of satisfaction.

Entertainment and food

Companies opt to different themes such as carnivals, movie marathons, pool parties, BBQ stations to get the corporates relaxed and engaged with dear ones of other employees, as previously mentioned, it is the responsibility of event planners to assess the audience circle and cater to their entertainment separately, for an example, various food stations with different cuisines for the adults and candy stations for the little ones, or connecting people by forming teams to play various games such as a cricket match, or a game of tap rugger, and creating a separated area which would include bouncers and slides for little kids to play in would have them talking about the event long after.

Contingency plans

Once the obligation of planning and successfully organizing an event is handed over to professional event planners, it is expected of them to foresee and risks and acts of god that may befall at the occasion. As professional event planners they should also anticipate these mishaps and plan ahead for back up materials as a contingency plan, to be considered a valuable and responsible source.


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