Wedding photography mistakes you need to avoid

A wedding is probably one of the most important days in a person’s life that they would want to always come back to or live through. And the only way they could do this is through the images captured on that day. That is why hiring the right person for the job is an essential detail when it comes to such ceremonies and instances. Here are some mistakes you need to avoid when doing so.

Not signing a contract

When you are working with a client on an occasion like a wedding, you need to make sure that you sign up an agreement with the client once a deal is settled. This sort of an agreement prevents negative aftereffects of the ceremony from harming you bad. Most of the times even best photographer singapore might spend hours of time and effort investing on the details that he or she could incorporate to create the perfect album. However, at the last minute the client might end up cancelling on it just because they found someone cheaper or known. So if you feel like an agreement has been met, do sign up on it before getting down to work.

Not straightening out the poses

Some might look for rather dramatic wedding poses while others would want the all natural look. However, as the person doing the job you are not to decide what they want. Therefore, once the deal is signed you also need to discuss with them on this matter. Most of the times certain professionals leave this decision for the last minute and this causes disagreements and waste of time. However if this detail had been discussed beforehand you as well as your client could save up on a lot!

Not having a coordinator

Although ‘wedding coordinator’ might seem like a huge role, it is in fact a simple task of directing the photographer on what he needs to do on the wedding day and who he should be capturing and how. At the beginning the couple getting married would be able to explain all the required details and how they want the images to come out. However, on that day they just wouldn’t practically be able to do this. That is why you need to suggest that they have a coordinator to make work easy for them as well as for you. This way you would be able to capture more images with value and memories.

Taking in everyone’s opinion

As a professional you need to always remind yourself that you are doing a job. Whether it is at a photoshoot with a model or a wedding with family, you are working and no one knows your job better than you. So don’t let the others dictate how you capture your pictures. You have been paid to do it your way so don’t try to accommodate what anyone else has to say.

Avoid the above mistakes and keep your promise of being ‘only the best’, to every client that decides on working with you!


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