Why Corporates Should Consider Coastal Clean-ups

We’re already being extremely inhumane when it comes to protecting the environment, be it by effectively contributing to creating a bigger hole in the ozone layer and letting the heat waves bombard us,or killing almost a million animals everyday by the usage of plastic. Whatever it is, karma, will slap back right in our face. If one small person from one small town or city makes one small change to the green that’s helping them breath, they could give rise to an indefinite amount of incredible positive changes to the same environment that would be home to the generations to come. And what if corporates and companies take the initiative. Trust me folks, this could be a game changer. Read on for a few reasons how this could be a win-win for the company itself.


Corporate Social Responsibility is when a company makes an effort to improve the society in some way. What’s interesting is the expenses on the group statements might give you panic attacks at first, but the benefits surely kick in. Surprisingly the intellectual abilities of consumers have quite increased as they are beginning to be more interested in companies that focus on planting trees and paying donations to local charities rather than the ones that give big discounts on mass produce. A coastal Clean-up is not just another battle against the plastic, but also a mini investment to your own company and its achievement of CSR.


When companies organise events, be it a for the celebration of a successful advertising campaign, or having the latest product surprisingly taken for trend on Instagram, bombarding the products sales growth, it doesn’t always have to be a cocktail party over expensive food that’s mostly ends up in the trash. In fact companies could have a coastal clean-up event organised by a Singapore event company to celebrate victory and effectively build their brand image. It isn’t really a publicity stunt, if it’s going to remove the plastic bags right? This is again another way to make events look more like an investment than an expense.


Not to sound like an environment enthusiast but any sane person would be content knowing they’re helping a company achieve not just financial targets but also make this planet a better place.

And if you keep your employees content, you’ll have no trouble making sure they cling on. CSR should be communicated from the top managements and the culture of goal congruence and social responsibilities should be created in all hierarchies. These kind of events would help employees have a purpose outside office and who knows, the beach vibes could keep your employees regain their calmness and reignite their creative levels.


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